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Commercial and residential pools in Palm Beach County. We take care of all your pool service needs including leak detection and repair for pools.

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Why Choose Superdad’s Pool Service?

We are a full service pool company serving Palm Beach County’s commercial and residential pools. We offer to diagnose pool repair or pool motor repair issues along with extensive pool cleaning services and full service water treatments as well. We provide testing of water levels & add the right combination of environmentally safe chemicals to balance every time we come out. Our total services include full service pool cleaning and pool maintenance, a pool sweep, weekly brushing, skimming, and vacuuming. We do not charge for chemicals and offer one free month of pool cleaning and pool services for every single new client we take on. While a lot of pool repairs can be quite costly, some minor pool repairs may simply require a small part to be changed out.
We offer pool service and pool maintenance in Palm Beach Gardens, Royal Palm Beach, Wellington Fl. ,Palm Beach, West Palm Beach, Lake Worth Fl. ,Boynton Beach, and Lantana, Fl.

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One Monthly Fee​ – No Hidden Costs!

Our Pool Services


Chemical Only Service

SuperDad offers a chemical-only service where we maintain and balance your water chemistry while you clean the pool yourself. Our pool cleaning service tests pool water and adds chemicals to balance its chemistry. We inspect all pool equipment, maintain and set all timers as needed, do a full water analysis weekly, and inspect all pool elements.


Full Service Cleaning

By far our most popular pool service , SuperDad’s offers the Lois Lane weekly pool service. We offer this for both saltwater- and chlorine-based systems. You can expect our certified technicians to arrive on the same day of the week, every week. The Lois Lane service includes water analysis, tile cleaning, netting pool service, brushing walls and floors, emptying skimmer and pump baskets, vacuuming pool, cleaning pool filters as needed, backwashing sand filters, and adding chlorine, acid, stabilizer, and chemicals to ensure perfect water chemistry


From Green To Clean

SuperDad’s pool cleaning service in Wellington, FL offers the Kryptonite pool service for those green, tough-to-clean pools. our services cover swimming pool and spa maintenance, will turn your pool Green to Clean in just a few days. Our pool maintenance services focus on giving you and your family the best experience so you can see how super we really are.

More About Our Skills

We got the tools

All the right pool cleaning tools, expert professional cleaning technicians to operate them, no sub standard issues with broken equipment here.

Certified Experience

We make sure each of our pool maintenance technicians have there CPO Certification, certified pool and spa operators. We are experts in chemical testing, pool maintenance, leak detection, and pool service.

Competitive Pricing

Well, since we start with a free 1st month for all our new customers,that’s got to be pretty competitive, Let Super Dads Pool Service give you the service you deserve add a price you can afford guarantee.

Our Friendly Staff – Focused on quality, professional, on time, and on budget pool cleaning services and diagnosis of pool repair needed.

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